Once you have your wedding venue then you can move on to the next – what style and colors are your wedding going to have? You may have had this answer for some time or you may be a little indecisive and not too sure how to go about choosing. A wedding planner can help you choose a color palette that is all about you.

Our approach is very simple; we want to get to know you. We will sit down with you and talk about your loves, your hates, what makes you smile, laugh and cry and go from there to do define what colors you want. The venue itself can present many color options – look at the walls, the fixtures, the furniture, and let the space itself help you bring out your own individual personality.

When is your wedding? Every season brings us different colors and you can incorporate colors that compliment this season. What style is your wedding? If you go modern then usually this means it’s focused around one color like a bold bright red or vibrant yellow with one or two accent colors. Classic all-white weddings usually have one or two colors that make it pop, whereas having a vintage theme will have you adding touches of lace and ribbon with more rustic reds and forest greens. There are so many different color options out there so let Jillian Nowell and her team help you get the most out of that choice, to make it the most memorable day for you!

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